11th November 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

11th November 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

1. The Bandhan Express will run from Kolkata to ______.

2. The Delhi government on November 8, 2017 signed a twin city agreement with _______.

3. Which begins operations in India recently?

4. Which ID proof is made mandatory for Insurance policy recently?

5. Which state has become the first in India to treat Hepatitis-C patients of all categories through oral medicine?

6. The India Disaster Response Summit has been organised in which city by the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) and Facebook on November 9, 2017?

7. Which city is hosting the 2017 India Disaster Response Summit?

8. Which country hosted the 39th session of the General Conference of the UNESCO?

9. Which committee was constituted by the Union Government to continuously monitor the solutions to air pollution?

10. Who inaugurates three-day Organic World Congress 2017 in Greater Noida?

11. Which state assembly passes the Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Dacoits, Drug Offenders, Goondas, Immoral traffic offenders and Landgrabbers (Amendment) Bill, 2017?

12. ________ is the world’s most visited city by international travelers in 2017.

13. Who has launched the online complaint system "SHe-box" ?

14. Which state has decided to set up a Climate Resilient Committee ?

15. The govt has notified the third protocol between India and New Zealand for avoidance of double taxation. The currency of New Zealand is

16. Who was named as the official mascot of the 2017 AIBA Youth Womens World Boxing Championship?

17. Who has inaugurated the "Chintan Shivir" in New Delhi ?

18. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bangladeshi counterpart Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina jointly inaugurated the Bandhan Express train service between__________.

19. What is Rank of India in World business optimism ranking?

20. Who Launches Domestic Payments in India recently?



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