12th January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

12th January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

1. Which of the following states has topped the investment list with investment intentions of Rs.1.49 lakh crore until October 2017?

2. Which state government has recently rolled out e-Raktkosh web portal in all government blood banks?

3. Who won the Kolkata Open 2018 International Invitation Snooker Championship at the Hindustan Club?

4. How many millions did Paytm Launches Investment Arm to invest recently?

5. Which country signed GCCI Sign MoU for Business Cooperation?

6. What is the new foreign direct investment (FDI) limit allowed by the Union government in single-brand retail trading and construction development?

7. Recently, the Union Home Ministry has appointed a 12-member inter-ministerial committee to take a call on the playing of the national anthem in cinema halls and public places. Who will head this committee?

8. Name the creator of iconic Old Munk rum who died recently at the age of 88.

9. Which country is hosting the 4th International Dharma Dhamma conference (IDDC-2018)?

10. Who was appointed as the Chairman of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)?

11. World Bank recently projected India’s growth rate of 2018 at what per cent?

12. Who has been appointed as Chef de Mission of Indian Contingent participating in the 23rd Winter Olympic Games?

13. K. Sivan is appointed as the Chairman of which of the following organizations?

14. Barmer refinery project to be commenced in which of the following state________________

15. South Korea and GCCI have signed a Memo of understanding for cooperation in textile, defence and automobile sectors. GCCI stands for which of the following?

16. What is the Name of China's National Marathon Champion and Olympian who has been banned for eight years by Chinese Athletics Association (CAA)?

17. Union Cabinet approved _________ percent foreign investment in single-brand retail trading (SBRT) and construction development.

18. Ajay Bhushan Pandey is the CEO of________________

19. Anchal Thakur Bags Bronze, India’s 1st International Medal in _________

20. Dilip Asbe Appointed MD & CEO of___________



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