12th March 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

12th March 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Which historic ship, known as the world's oldest aircraft carrier was decommissioned on 6 March 2017?

2. India's first biometric-based payment system Aadhaar Pay was launched by which bank?

3. The West Bengal Government recently granted official language status to tribal language Kurukh. The language belongs to which of the following language family?

4. Who authored the book The Rise of Sivagami: Book 1 of Baahubali - Before the Beginning?

5. The citizens of which country have gained permission to travel to the European Union nations without a visa?

6. US President Donald Trump's new executive order spared which Muslim majority country from the immigration ban?

7. Name the Water Jet Fast Attack Craft (WJFAC) that was commission in Indian Navy at Karwar in March 2017.

8. Sentinel-2B satellite in the series of Sentinel satellite was launched by whom?

9. Which country is hosting the fifth edition of the mega cultural festival 'India by the Nile'?

10. Who of the following was recently re-elected as the President of the European Council?

11. Name the two states that in March 2017 agreed to resume works on Shahpur Kandi Dam project.



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