15th June 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

15th June 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Maharashtra state government will provide a immediate relief of Rs. ______ to farmers.

2. World Blood Donor Day is observed on

3. In which of the following cities of India, does not have a human library?

4. The Indian government has approved an MoU with Armenia in the field of _______.

5. Which country two International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva, Switzerland?

6. Reserve bank of India has introduced ₹ 500 denomination banknotes in Mahatma Gandhi (new) series with which of the following inset letter?

7. Statistics ministry will adopt which year as the base year in place of 2011-12 after completion of the household consumer expenditure survey and labour force data by the end of 2018?

8. Which government launches PashuBazar website for online cattle sale?

9. The government is likely to implement allowances under the 7th Pay Commission from___________.

10. The Nalanda University has signed MoU with which country for academic linkages and colloborations?

11. Which among the following state announced that 19.68% pay hike for its employees and pensioners?

12. Which expert committee has been constituted to study free movement along Myanmar border?

13. ___________has launched world’s largest floating solar farm

14. Recently which state government demands for separate time zone?

15. According to the CRY report which state has highest number of child labourers?

16. ____________ government launched “Back to School” programme against child labour

17. Commerce Secretary Mrs. Rita Teaotia has announced that India has emerged as _____ largest exporter of agricultural products globaly?

18. Who is the author of the book “Indira Gandhi – A life in nature”?

19. Meeting of G7 Environment Ministers held in which country recently?

20. How many Indian states share border with Myanmar?



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