19th July 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

19th July 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Which event did the Indian judokas won 3 medals recently?

2. Because of the absence of a world-class convention center in which country, it will not be able to host a G20 meeting in the year 2019?

3. Recently J&K government has launched a first ever ‘Culture of Cruise’, a weekly cultural program at which lake?

4. The central government has banned presenting flower bouquets to welcome ____ during functions, etc?

5. Recently minister of Railways inaugurates Sindhudurg leg of the Science Express in which state of India?

6. The indigenously developed newborn hearing screening device “SOHUM” was formally launched by:

7. Who has been nominated as a candidate for Vice-President of India from the ruling NDA coalition in July 2017?

8. Who has been given additional charge of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (I&B)?

9. Who has won the British Grand Prix 2017?

10. In which city the 4th Annual Kids Choice Sports Award 2017 was held?

11. In which state ‘Culture on Cruise’ a weekly cultural program was launched?

12. When was Nelson Mandela International Day observed?

13. Who has won the 2017 under-15 girls Dutch Open Junior Squash Championship?

14. Apart from Sri Lanka, which another country in India’s neighborhood has the World Health Organisation officially declared as Malaria-free?

15. Government setting up passport center every ________ kilometers in the country

16. What is the use of the device ‘SOHUM’ recently developed by Department of Biotechnology?

17. What is the purpose of National Academic Depository?

18. _________railway is going to introduce a software to book tickets through USSD

19. The ‘North Natuna Sea’, recently in the news, refers to the waters in the exclusive economic zone of

20. Which month did the Kolkata to host global business meet?



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