19th March 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

19th March 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Mission Fingerling was launched by which Ministry to achieve Blue Revolution?

2. Which country's river has been granted same legal rights as that of a person?

3. Shashank Manohar resigned as the Chairman of which international sports body?

4. Who won the All England Open Men's Singles title?

5. World's first fluorescent frog was recently discovered in which of the following countries?

6. Identify the former Chief of the Russian Athletics Federation's Medical Commission who was recently banned for lifetime by CAS in a doping case.

7. Which bloc's highest court ruled in favour of allowing employers to ban their workers from wearing visible religious symbols including the Hijab?

8. Who was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Manipur recently?

9. As per an announcement of the Railway Ministry, a museum will be built in this State in the honour of Swami Vivekananda.

10. Double Olympic gold medallist Joanna Rowsell Shand announced her retirement from international cycling. She represented which country?



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