1st May 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1st May 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Which of the following Beverages appointed T.K.K. Krishnakumar as the President of India and South West Asia Business Unit?

2. MIT scientists have designed a robotic system for 3D printing the basic structure of _________.

3. Who has been selected for Japan's prestigious 'Order of the Rising Sun' award?

4. In which city, India's first-ever electric taxi (e- taxi) trial held?

5. Which state set the first ever Blind Football Academy (BFA) for differently-abled footballers in the country?

6. Which technology is used by the Indian Railways for tracking of wagons, coaches and locomotives to ensure the effective and transparent functioning of the system?

7. Who won gold at the 10th edition of Moscow sand art championship?

8. Which country recently became the first time importer of Indian mangoes?

9. Which state use the first automatic weather station?

10. In India, the Anti-Child Labour Day is obseved on

11. Narendra Modi released ____ volumes of Basavanna's Vachana on social reformer's birth anniversary.

12. Who became the first Indian woman to drive Formula E racing car at a race track?

13. Which city was designated as UNESCO World Book Capital 2018?

14. Which state directed the city schools to install air purifiers to ensure that students don't face health hazards due to air pollution?

15. Which famous personality played a doubles match of tennis for Roger Federer's foundation?



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