20th March Current Affairs Quiz

20th March Current Affairs Quiz

1. India and Pakistan are going to open talks on which raging issue?

2. Name the Indian who won the bronze medal in Asian 20km Race Walk Championships in Japan in March 2017.

3. Who has become the new brand ambassador for 2018 ODI Blind Cricket World Cup?

4. It is with this country, India signed two agreements related to Su-30 MKI aircraft.

5. The 5th International Convention on "Changing Dynamics of Commodities Market" has started in which city?

6. Name the Indian cricketer who in March 2017 came in news for facing most number of balls in a test-match.

7. Dev Raj Sikka, who passed away on 18 March 2017, was world renowned for his research and study in which sector?

8. Who of the following took charge as new deputy Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh?

9. Chuck Berry, the guitarist and songwriter recognised as one of the fathers of rock 'n' roll, has died recently. He belonged to

10. This state's five-month-long economic blockade came to an end in third week of March 2017.

11. Which day is celebrated on 20 March?

12. Which country is hosting the International Diamond Conference "Mines to Market 2017"?

13. Chuck Berry, the rock and roll legend has passed away. He hailed from which country?

14. It is with this country, the India Army concluded the joint army exercise Al Nagah-II recently.

15. Which Indian personality has been selected to newly formed United Nations (UN) group on antimicrobial resistance?

16. Which of the following state/city lost its permanent voting status in the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)?

17. The first-ever fully made-in-India train was launched in which state?

18. Which Indian personality has recently launched the world's first mobile app on breast health?

19. The first fully India made train "Medha" has flagged off between which of the following stations?

20. Who was sworn-in as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh recently?

21. Who is the leading the Indian delegation in the 2017 Permanent Indus Commission (PIC) meeting?

22. World Sparrow Day 2017 was observed globally on

23. Which Indian sprinter has won bronze in the men's event at the 2017 Asian 20 Km Race Walking Championships?



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