21st July 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

21st July 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. India on July 20, 2017 the Indo-___ nuclear agreement came into force.

2. TR Zeliang is the Chief Minister of which of the following states?

3. Odisha's longest bridge is named after

4. The government on July 20 cleared a ___ % hike in salaries for public sector company employees.

5. How many states did the Environment Ministry approves Projects under National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC)?

6. With which country has India signed a MoU on cooperation in exploration and uses of outer space for peaceful purposes?

7. Which country did Australia join International Solar Alliance led by India?

8. The Union cabinet has given approval for the merger of which of the following companies with state-run explorer Oil and Natural Gas Corp. (ONGC)?

9. Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik recently opened the longest bridge of 2.88 km over the river Kathajodi that was named after whom?

10. Which district in Kerala has proposed to construct the Sabarimala Greenfield International Airport in Central Travancore (Cheruvally estate)?

11. The Union Cabinet has given ex-post facto approval to IRDAI – IAIS pact for information exchange. What does “IAIS” stand for?

12. _________ launches website for home buyers

13. Who has been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement (LTA) award for his contributions as a Lok Sabha member?

14. Recently which state government approves revised policy of ‘Majhi Kanya Bhagyashree scheme’?

15. Who has been appointed as UK's first woman Sikh MP elected to key Parliament panel?

16. Who is the author of the book titled Future of Indian Universities: Comparative and International Perspectives?

17. Who of the following was recently appointed by Facebook as the Vice-President of Communications for Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger?

18. Who has been appointed as new Head of Finance by Budget hotel chain Treebo Hotels?

19. The Lok Sabha passed a Bill to declare which among the following Institute/institutes as Institutes of National Importance (INIs) in July 2017?

20. The Cabinet has approved a modified implementation strategy of BharatNet project for providing broadband connectivity to all gram panchayats by:



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