22nd December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

22nd December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

22nd December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

1. As per a report by the Income Tax department, crorepatis in assessment year 2015-16 grew ____%.

2. Which bank Places Bank of India Under PCA ?

3. Which rank did Delhi obtained in Most Expensive Office Locations List: JLL India Report ?

4. The Reserve Bank of India has imposed additional actions under PCA framework for Bank of India on December 20, 2017 in view of its high net non-performing assets. What is the full form of PCA?

5. The Government of India has signed financing agreement for IDA Credit worth USD ____ million with the World Bank for its Skills Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement Operation (STRIVE) Project

6. Alexey Voevoda has been given a life ban from the Olympics for anti-doping violations at the Sochi Games. He plays which sport?

7. Javed Shaikh has named in the panel of umpires for the 2018 Hockey World Cup. He hails from which country?

8. Which city is hosting the 17th Indian Science Communication Congress (ISCC-2017)?

9. Messi scored how many goals in league action last season to earn his fourth Pichichi award for most goals in La Liga and his fifth Alfredo Di Stefano trophy for best player?

10. Who passed the Requisitioning and Acquisition of Immovable Property (Amendment) Bill, 2017?

11. Who resigned as the Chairperson of National Green Tribunal on 19 December 2017?

12. The parliament in which country has approved a law banning all exploration and production of oil and natural gas by 2040?

13. _______ has committed $125 mn (around Rs 800 cr) loan to India for the STRIVE (Skills Strengthening for Industrial Value Enhancement) project for skill development.

14. The International Day of Peace is being observed every year on ___

15. Indian Army conducts major military exercise Hamesha Vijayee in which of the following state_______________

16. Andhra Pradesh Govt develops ‘Gaming for Learning’ hub by signing pact with which of the following organisation_______________

17. On which date, the World Hindi Day is observed?

18. As per a report by _______, 2017 will likely be among the three warmest years on global record.

19. IndusInd Bank Limited has its headquarter in which city?

20. The International Development Association is located in____



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