24th December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

24th December 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

1. Which city will host the 7th international coffee festival?

2. Al Azhar University is located in which country?

3. How many megawatts electricity Maharashtra set to generate through solar power ?

4. The Union Government has launched which project at Ganga Gram Swachata Sammelan (GGSS-2017)?

5. Which country hold talks with India to firm up economic & cultural relations ?

6. Name the initiative launched by the Ministry of External Affairs to take Indian foreign policy and its global engagements to students across the country

7. When is the National Mathematics Day observed?

8. The 2nd edition of Iranshah Udvada Utsav (IUU-2017) has started in which state?

9. The DARPAN Project was launched by whom ?

10. India has signed an agreement with ____ regarding the information on Black Money .

11. As per a report by _______Virat Kohli has been named India’s most valuable celebrity brand.

12. Which game has been excluded from the 2022 Commonwealth Games?

13. International Coffee Festival will be held in which of the city______________

14. Classical dance ‘Mohiniattam’ belongs to which state?

15. Which state to host the 7th edition of the India International Coffee Festival (IICF-2018)?

16. What is the theme of 2017 World Migratory Bird Day?

17. Who among the following has been elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat post assembly elections?

18. The joint naval exercise Sea Breeze was held between Indian Navy with the naval force of which country?

19. The 2017 National Farmers day (NFD) is celebrated on which date in India?

20. As per the latest Financial Stability Report (FSR) by the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI), the gross non-performing assets (GNPAs) is expected to rise to ____ percent of
gross advances in March 2018 from 10.2 percent in September 2017



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