26th April 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

26th April 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Which state announced to give free laptops to 500 meritorious students who secure a minimum of 95 per cent marks in Class X Board examination?

2. What is the theme of World Intellectual Property Day 2017?

3. Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has introduced how many endowment assurance plans for individuals having Aadhaar card?

4. NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson has set a new record for the most time spend in the space of ____ days.

5. Which state government wins the Golden Globe Tigers Award for Excellence and Leadership in CSR in the category of 'E-Payment Leadership' for the implementation of digital

6. Who is appointed as the new Director of the Secret Service?

7. The central government has informed the Supreme Court to provide unique identification number for which animal?

8. Which bank tie-up with Paisa bazzar.com to make the process of availing a loan easy and act as a one-stop financial solution provider for all retail lending needs of the customer?

9. India's First Underwater Metro Tunnel connect which of the following cities?

10. Which company's co-founder has praised PM Narendra Modi for the Swachh Bharat Mission?

11. The new technology created by the Google to translate English and 9 Indian languages is

12. What is the rank of India as per the report of SIPRI military expenditure database?

13. Which country prohibited parents from choosing baby names like Islam, Medina, Jihad and Quran for their children?

14. Which city is India's first and longest ropeway connect the Elephanta Islands?

15. The double-decker AC train to be launched on high-density routes like Delhi-Lucknow in July 2017. The name of the train is

16. The South Indian playback singer Vani Jairam won the Ghantasala national award. She belongs to which of the Indian state?

17. India is set to produce _______ MT of foodgrains in 2017-2018 crop year, according to Agriculture Ministry.

18. NASA successfully launched its heavy-lift super pressure balloon in _______.

19. India signed a MoU on peaceful uses of outer space and MoU on cooperation in youth matters with this country.

20. The international conference on "Dara Shikoh: Reclaiming Spiritual Legacy of India" will be held on _____.



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