31st January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

31st January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

1. Among the following dams, on which dam officials are planning to screen a laser show depicting Kerala's history?

2. Ottanthullal artiste Kalamandalam Geethanandan, who passed away during a performance at a temple, belonged to which state?

3. Who has won the 2018 women’s singles Indonesia Masters badminton tournament?

4. How many crores did AAI allocate nearly for upgradation of airports in North East region?

5. Who pitches for simultaneous elections recently?

6. Who has been elected as the President of Finland?

7. Name the winner of the Australian Open 2018 in the men’s single category

8. India’s first ever ‘Khadi Haat’ has launched in which city?

9. Which nation has lifted its ban on refugees from 11 nations, which it had termed as high-risk countries earlier?

10. India signed an agreement for cooperation in civil aviation with which nation?

11. The first Military Exercise between India and Vietnam VINBAX is held at ____ , Madhya Pradesh.

12. Which among the following has won the Best Children’s Album Award at the Grammy Awards 2018?

13. Mobile payments company Paytm and Alibaba Group-owned AGTech Holdings Ltd have recently formed a joint venture to launch a gaming platform. What is its name?

14. International bird festival will be held at Dudhwa National Park. who is the brand ambassador of the festival_____________

15. Uttar Pradesh will set up how much MW solar plants in next five years______________

16. According to a survey by GoBankingRates, India is the world’s ______ cheapest country in terms of living or retirement.

17. Who will be conferred with Yash Chopra Memorial Award for her outstanding contribution to the Hindi film industry?

18. The government of Assam has recently unveiled a postage stamp on legendary sportsperson Dr. Talimeren Ao to mark his birth centenary. He was a noted player of which

19. According to a recent survey conducted by GoBankingRates, what is the rank of India among 112 countries in terms of cheapest country to live or retire?

20. Which among the following words has been chosen as the Hindi Word of the Year 2017 by the Oxford Dictionaries?



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