3rd August 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

3rd August 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Former India hockey captain Dhanraj Pillay was honoured by which football club on August 1, 2017?

2. Who among the following will head the 10-member committee constituted by Government of India to recommend a framework for securing personal data in the increasingly digitized economy?

3. Which country has dominated the FOBES ASIA best under a billion list?

4. The government launched a portal, e-RaKAM, to provide a platform to sell

5. Which place did the China open its first overseas Military base?

6. The 2017 'Rajaswa Gyansangam' conclave will be held in ____.

7. With Whom Airtel payments bank tied up for ATM services recently?

8. How many crore rupees has been allocated to this fiscal year for the development of border areas by Kiren Rijiju?

9. “Jiyo Parsi Publicity Phase-2” has been launched by Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi in __________

10. Which country signed an agreement with India on the transfer of sentenced persons recently?

11. ‘Rajaswa Gyansangam’ scheduled to be held at Vigyan Bhawan in _______

12. How much crore rupees has announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to study and find a permanent solution to the flood problem in the north eastern states?

13. Rajya Sabha Elections in which state will see None Of The Above (NOTA) option available for the first time in the country?

14. The Army chief General Bipin Rawat recently visited Kazakhstan. The capital city of Kazakhstan is

15. The core sector industries grew by 0.4 per cent in Jun. Which of the following is NOT one of India’s eight core sector industries?

16. The use of which of the following metals is/are banned in the firecrackers by Supreme Court?

17. Where will a two-day Conclave of Tax Officers entitled ‘Rajaswa Gyansangam’ held?

18. India has signed a pact on trade, commerce and transit with which of the following countries?

19. Ajit Singh has been appointed as DGP of Rajasthan by replacing_________.

20. Who became the Asia’s Second-Richest Person recently?



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