5th October 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

5th October 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

1. RBI has increased foreign portfolio investors’ limit on investment in government bonds by___ Crore.

2. According to Morgan Stanley report, India’s GDP is likely to touch ___ trillion USD by 2017?

3. Nobel Medicine Prize went to who of the following for the year 2017?

4. Which committee has drafted the 3rd National Wildlife Action Plan (NWAP) for 2017-2031?

5. Who has been newly appointed as a non-official director on the board of ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation)?

6. What is the theme of the 2017 United Nations (UN)’s World Habitat Day (WHD)?

7. India for the first time will be conducting a joint tiger census in November 2017 along with which nation?

8. How many billion fund had been set up by Saudi Arabia and Russia to invest in energy projects recently?

9. Which of the following entity has become the first Indian financial institution to raise ‘green masala bonds’ on the London Stock Exchange?

10. Which state has initiated Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccine drive as part of the National Immunisation Programme aiming to eradicate measles by 2020?

11. The Union Cabinet has approved signing and ratification of the Bilateral Investment Treaty between India and Belarus on investments. The capital city of Belarus is

12. Who has/have secured 2nd position in the Isle of Man Chess Championship 2017?

13. Which Indian entrepreneur has received the UK Business Award for innovative IT Solutions?

14. The World Tourism Day is observed every year on

15. Who Launches 'Swachh Andhra Mission'?

16. Mathru Purna” scheme for the pregnant women and lactating mothers is launched by which of the following state government?

17. October 2, 2017 is the _______ anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

18. Who of the following has been crowned as Miss India Australia 2017?

19. Which place is named Best ‘Swachh Iconic Place’ in India?

20. Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary is in which of the following state?



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