5th September 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

5th September 2017 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

1. Which country Signs UN Development Assistance Plan?

2. Which country missile program led to urgent United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Meeting?

3. Which of the following is the first World Heritage City of India?

4. Who is conferred with the title of ‘World’s most experienced space woman on earth?

5. Five banks of BRICS nations signed pact for credit lines. Which bank is going to participate from India?

6. India has submitted a joint proposal of Amber Box to WTO along with which country?

7. Sultan Ahmed, who passed away recently, was the Member of Parliament (MP) from which Lok Sabha constituency?

8. The Jaldapara National Park (JNP) is located in which state?

9. With reference to a ‘Sherpa’ in international negotiations, consider the following statements:
1. He is the personal representative of a head of state or government at an international summit
2. They generally lack the authority to independently make final decisions
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

10. Who has become the first wicketkeeper in the history of ODI cricket to have 100 stumpings to his names in September 2017?

11. Earth Overshoot Day
1. Marks the date when humanity’s annual demand on nature exceeds what earth can regenerate in that year
2. Advances by at least a day, each successive year
Select the correct answer using the code given below:

12. Virat Kohli scored his 30th ODI hundred in Colombo and equals the record of _______ for second most ODI hundreds in cricket history in September 2017.

13. On September 1, 2017 was appointed as Chairman of Syndicate Bank?

14. The Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) is headquartered in ________.

15. Name the institution/organization that in its report has said that India is more attractive to FDIs as compared to other emerging markets.

16. The Swedish company Saab announced a partnership to build the Gripen E fighter jets in India with the____________?

17. The US President Donald Trump has nominated Ken Juster to be the US ambassador to________?

18. Reports suggest that the Trump administration is planning to prepare trade case against a country. Name it.

19. Who is appointed as Union Minister for Railways?

20. Whom to lay the foundation stone for Link-4 of SAUNI Scheme in Rajkot?



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