8th January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

8th January 2018 Current Affairs Quiz Questions And Answers

1. Radha Viswanathan, who passed away recently was related to which field?

2. How many billions did Forex Reserves scale record in December 2017?

3. Which state CM Unveils Official Emblem recently?

4. Name the Indian state which has emerged as the most well-read city in India as per the India’s Annual Reading Trends Reports for 2017 by Amazon India

5. Which among the following states has signed the “Host City Contract” with the Indian Olympics Association (IOA) to host the 39th National Games 2022?

6. Who has become the first batsman in the history of T20 internationals to slam three centuries?

7. Which of the following is the focus country in the New Delhi World Book Fair 2018?

8. Brazilian player Thomaz Bellucci, as slapped with a five-month doping suspension in September. He is associated with which sports?

9. What is the theme of the World Book Fair 2018?

10. Who has inaugurated the 40 MW Umtru hydro-electric project at Dehal in Ri Bhoi district in Meghalaya?

11. According to Central Statistics Office (CSO), Indian economy will expand by _______ in 2017-18.

12. What is the dimension of new Rs.10 note________________

13. The 2018 Annual Conference of DGPs and IGPs has started in which state?

14. Who is the chief Secretary of West Bengal________________

15. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee unveiled the official emblem of the state government. The logo highlights the _____ on the top.

16. According to the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) for the year 2016-17, which state is found to have the highest gross enrolment ratio (GER) in higher education in India?

17. India has excluded which country from the list of SAARC member nations with which it will establish a National Knowledge Network (NKN) initiative for sharing scientific database for research and education?

18. Vladimir Yankilevsky of Russia who passed away recently was a well-known ______

19. An Industrial Health Clinic Ltd has got RBI clearance to register and function as a non- banking finance company (NBFC). It is a State Government initiative of _____.

20. What is the currency of Russia?



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