10th July 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

10th July 2017 Current Affairs Quiz

1. Who won the 2017 South Australian Open squash title?

2. Jigyasa, a student- scientist connect program was officially launched in the national capital Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), has joined hands with
________ to implement this programme.

3. The government has announced to remove the no-detention policy for students from _______.

4. July 25 will mark the celebration of Kanyashree Utsav in

5. A.R. Rahman nominated for World Soundtrack Awards For His Music in the film

6. MRP To Be Sole Price Decider for packaged goods From

7. Recently India has declared itself free from which of the following?

8. With which mobile app, Microsoft has integrated its “Made for India” and linked with Aadhaar to prevent impersonation fraud, thereby allowing users of the app to verify the
caller’s identity online?

9. As per a recent verdict by the Supreme Court, Jobs, Admissions on fake caste certificates are not valid. This was filed by which state government?

10. Name the person, who is going to participate in World Sailing Championships in the under 16 Optimist Class, to be held at Pattaya, after the gap of more than 24 years.

11. Which Indian city has been declared as a World Heritage City (WHC) by UNESCO?

12. ________government signs Expression of Intent (EOI) with IAAF & AFI to establish High Performance Academy

13. Which Indian music composer has been shortlisted for the 2017 World Soundtrack Awards – a public choice award?

14. GST to be part of _______ higher education syllabus

15. Recently ‘JIGYASA', a student- scientist connect program was officially launched in which state?

16. Recently Ms. Sumitra Mahajan speaker of the 16th Lok Sabha inaugurated the 4th National Summit on Good, Replicable Practices and Innovation in Public Health Care System at
which city of Madhya Pradesh?

17. Which of the following teams won the 2017 Indian Premier League cricket tournament?

18. An EOI is signed with International Association of Athletics Federations and Athletics Federation of India with the Govt. of which state?

19. A deal with ONGC Videsh to explore oil block 128 in the South China Sea is renewed by which country.

20. Which of the following railway stations was found to be the dirtiest among the 75 busiest stations in the country in a survey conducted recently by the Quality Council of India?



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