Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz

Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz

Candidates can check out the latest Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz Questions and Answers in this page. All the contenders can check this web page to know the complete information regarding the Andhra Pradesh GK Quiz. We have uploaded the Questions and Answers in the form of a quiz. Contenders should practice these Andhra Pradesh General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers for all competitive exams. We suggest the aspirants prepare this quiz to get more knowledge of Andhra Pradesh State.

In this page, aspirants can find the current and latest General Knowledge Quiz Questions And Answers of Andhra Pradesh State. Contenders can practice this quiz with a free of cost. We recommend the aspirants go through this entire article to get more information. Furthermore data stay tuned with us.

1. After the amendment was made to A.P reorganization act, how many mandals in Khammam were transferred to A.P?

2. From which state was Andhra Pradesh separated?

3. Which is the largest city of Andhra Pradesh State?

4. Which is the largest city of Andhra Pradesh State?

5. When Was The King Edward Memorial Hospital, now known as Gandhi Hospital established?

6. How many numbers of Assembly states are presented in newly created Andhra Pradesh?

7. Where is Cumbum Lake located in Andhra Pradesh State?

8. Andhra Pradesh reorganization bill was introduced in Lok Sabha by?

9. In which year Sri Krishna committee was constituted to look into the demand for separate statehood for Telangana?

10. India’s First state to be formed on “Linguistic Basis”

11. What is the rank of Andhra Pradesh by gross domestic product(GDP) per capita income?

12. Ethipothala Water Falls situated on the .... river

13. A regatta is a series of

14. In Andhra Pradesh, to estimate state income, the method followed is

15. Who is the Governor of Andhra Pradesh?

16. Who is the present speaker of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly?

17. The Saidani Maa Ki Dargah was constructed in ..... AD.

18. Andhra Pradesh also known as

19. In which of the following districts Anti-arrack movement was started in 1992?

20. Leader of the Opposition

21. Which one is the first full length Telugu Movie

22. Per capita income of Andhra Pradesh in current prices in 2006-07 is about

23. In the total geographical area of Andhra Pradesh, proportion of sown area is about

24. In which year Chandrababu Naidu elected as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh for the first time?

25. Hyderabad is situated in which bank of the river?



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