Arunachal Pradesh GK Quiz

Arunachal Pradesh GK Quiz

Practice Arunachal Pradesh GK Quiz along with the Answers in the below of this page. Contenders can find out the latest Quiz of Arunachal Pradesh State such as Most Populous districts, Arunachal Pradesh state Tree etc. To know more detailed information candidates can scroll down this entire page. Moreover, we have uploaded the latest and frequent information of Arunachal Pradesh GK Quiz. Contenders can practice this Quiz without any cost.

Contenders can find out the Arunachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions And Answers Quiz in this post. Practice this entire quiz more to improve the General Knowledge of Arunachal Pradesh State. To fetch the complete details candidates can check this entire article. This Arunachal Pradesh State GK Quiz Consists of 25 Questions and Answers. Check the following quiz which is given below.

1. Which place Arunachal Pradesh ranks by its area in India?

2. Name of the current governor of Arunachal Pradesh

3. When was established Namdapha National Park?

4. Which one of the following is largest district of Arunachal Pradesh?

5. Which is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

6. What is the total area of state Arunachal Pradesh?

7. Mask Dance is associated with which state?

8. Which is the national highways connects Jonai with Dirak in Arunachal Pradesh?

9. Who succeeded Dorjee Khandu as Arunachal Pradesh’s chief minister?

10. Tapi Mra climbed the Mount Everest in the Year

11. Tapi Mra climbed the Mount Everest in the Year

12. Name the country which shares international borders with the state in the west.

13. Which one country did not share its border with Arunachal Pradesh

14. Arunachal Pradesh was also known as

15. Which is the Arunachal Pradesh state Animal?

16. Who succeeded Dorjee Khandu as Arunachal Pradesh’s chief minister?

17. Which one is not a native tribe of Arunachal Pradesh

18. When Arunachal Pradesh came into existence as Indian State

19. Which one is the highest Peak in Arunachal Pradesh?

20. Which country refers to Arunachal Pradesh as South Tibet?

21. Which is the Arunachal Pradesh state Tree?

22. In Arunachal Pradesh, the river Brahmaputra is known by the name

23. Which one is recognised as the State Animal of Arunachal Pradesh

24. Most Populous district of Arunachal Pradesh

25. Which of the following rivers flows through Arunachal Pradesh?


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