Assertion And Reason Quiz- Verbal Reasoning Questions And Answers

Candidates who are getting prepare for all competitive examinations, they all can have a look on this page for the Questions And Answers for Assertion And Reason which are given in the form of Quiz. So practice these Questions And Answers.

Assertion And Reason Quiz – Verbal Reasoning Questions And Answers

1. Assertion (A) : Pressure cookers are fitted with ebonite handles.
Reason (R) : Ebonite is strong.

2. Assertion (A): Pluto is the coldest planet
Reason (R): It receives slanting rays of- the sun.

3. Assertion (A): Diamond is used for cutting glass.
Reason (R)): Diamond has a high refractive index.

4. Assertion (A): Simla is colder than Delhi.
Reason (R): Simla is at a higher altitude as compared to Delhi.

5. Assertion (A): Eskimos reside in igloos.
Reason (R): No other material except snow is available.

6. Assertion (A): Bangladesh imports jute from India.
Reason (R): Bangladesh has most of the jute mills.

7. Assertion (A): The Steam engine was invented by James Watt.
Reason (R): There was a problem of taking out water from flooded mines.

8. Assertion (A): Increase in carbon dioxide would melt polar ice.
Reason (R): Global temperature would rise.

9. Assertion (A): Tamil Nadu gets most of the rainfall in winter.
Reason (R): Tamil Nadu gets rainfall from retreating monsoons.

10. Assertion (A): Graphite is slippery and used as a lubricant.
Reason (R): Graphite has free electrons.

11. Assertion (A): Moon cannot be used as a satellite for communication.
Reason (R): Moon does not move in the equatorial plane of the earth.

12. Assertion (A): Salt is added to cook food at higher altitudes.
Reason (R): Temperature is lower at higher altitudes.

13. Assertion (A): Ventilators are provided near the roof.
Reason (R): Conduction takes place better near the roof.

14. Assertion (A) : Beriberi is a viral infection.
Reason (R) : Vitamin deficiency causes diseases.

15. Assertion (A): Bulb filament is made of Titanium.
Reason (R): The filament should have low melting point.

16. Assertion (A): Bangladesh imports jute from India.
Reason (R): Bangladesh has most of the jute mills.

17. Assertion (A): Carbon monoxide when inhaled causes death.
Reason (R): Carbon monoxide combines with haemoglobin.

18. Assertion (A): We feel colder on mountains than on plains.
Reason (R): Temperature decreases with altitude.

19. Assertion (A): Inside the earth metals are present in the molten state.
Reason (R): Earth absorbs the sun's rays.

20. Assertion (A): There is no vaccine for AIDS.
Reason (R): The AIDS virus changes its genetic code.



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