Banking Awareness Quiz Set 12

Dear aspirants welcome to the Banking Awareness Questions and Answers in You can check the Questions and answers with a detailed explanation. So practice these Questions thoroughly.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 12

1. Which of the following bank launches India’s first Mobile ATM?

2. World’s first Bitcoin ATM located in _________

3. ________is a type of Automated Teller Machine that is designed to be moved from location to location.

4. Which of the following ATM is situated either within the branch premises or next to the Bank’s branch?

5. Which of the following ATM is located within the premises of an organization that is primarily installed only for the employees of the organization?

6. Which of the following ATM is not situated within the branch premises but is located at other places?

7. Which of the following ATM is used for share transactions?

8. Which of the following ATM involves in women banking?

9. India’s first ‘talking’ ATM located in __________

10. Which of the following ATM is used for e-commerce transactions?

11. A bond which is not secured by any asset or collateral is known as ________

12. Which was the first Indian company listed in National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System(NASDAQ)?

13. _________ are the debentures that can be converted into stock by the holder and, under certain circumstances, the issuer of the bond.

14. The availability of cash and other cash like marketable instruments that are useful in purchases and investments are commonly known as __________

15. _________ are the debentures that can not convert their debentures into shares of the company.

16. Invisible Exports refers the export of _________

17. Which of the following economic concepts is categorized on the basis of current account or capital account or both?

18. Special Drawing Rights (SDR) are supplementary foreign exchange reserve assets defined and maintained by ______

19. The difference between Visible Exports and Visible Imports is defined as ________

20. Non Banking Financial Company – Micro Finance Institutions (NBFC-MFIs) are regulated by _________

21. _______ is a financial market in which the economy is weakened or expected to weaken.

22. ___________ refers to the investors those who are impatient, greedy and emotional towards their investments and only think of themselves.

23. _______ is a financial market in which share prices are rising or expected to rise.

24. ____________ refers to the investors in the market those who are fearful of the stock market, they stick to instruments such as bonds, bank deposits or company deposits.

25. An investor or speculator who subscribes to a new issue, expecting the price of the stock to rise immediately upon the start of trading is known as _______

26. Which of the following refers temporary recovery?

27. _________ is used to describe the acts of various individuals working together to manipulate the market.

28. Which of the following term describes the investors who stick their heads in the sand during bad markets hoping that their portfolio is not severely hit?

29. Who was known as the “Father of Economics”?

30. Who coined the term “the ostrich effect”?



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