Banking Awareness Quiz Set 15

Dear candidates, here you can find out all Banking Awareness Questions And Answers With a Brief explanation. By using these questions candidates can prepare well for all competitive exams and as well as for Interviews also.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 15

1. An Asset Reconstruction Company(ARC) in India is associated with __________

2. __________ refers borrowers ability to meet immediate liabilities.

3. Government Securities are trade able instruments issued by the Central Government or the State Governments can be classified into ______types.

4. Treasury bills or T-bills are money market instruments, issued by the GOI and are presently issued in ________

5. __________ short term instrument, have the generic character of T-bills but are issued for maturities less than 91 days.

6. Commercial Papers can be issued for maturities between a minimum of 7 days and a maximum up to _______ from the date of issue.

7. Which of the following is/are Money Market Instrument(s)?

8. Money Market is regulated by?

9. Which of the following is mainly used by the banks in order to meet their temporary requirement of Cash on a daily basis?

10. ___________ is a voluntary market body for the bond, money and derivatives markets.

11. Different ways you can operate your account are

12. Different types of Loans offered by banks

13. Which among the following is a system of payment in which the bank account holder can authorize the customer to withdraw the due amount, directly from his bank account?

14. CORE Banking Solution where online multiple delivery channel/(s) like _____ under one roof.

15. DTC stands for

16. It is a particular system of banking, in which a bank places its funds in risk free assets with maturity period matching its liability’s maturity timing and maintains liquidity at the time
of demand payment and their funds have no chance of becoming an NPA.

17. When the repayment of a loan starts after certain period of its disbursement, that period iscertain period of its disbursement, that period is
called ________.

18. Which type of crisis occurs when the banks which have obligation to facilitate money flow may get struck their revenue assets with insolvents and become toxic assets?

19. The buyer of goods requests his bank to give guarantee that the payment for the goods will be paid to the seller. In such case the bank issues _______.

20. “Rupee” symbol designed by Uday Kumar and he belongs to

21. CGT stands for

22. It is the process at which the government Undertake austerity measures to put restrictions on its economy such as de licensing of industries, disinvestment from stack etc.

23. ________ is not a pillar of Basel III.

24. When the bank has not enough funds in the relevant account or the account holder requests that the cheque is ________ then the bank will return the cheque to the account

25. The first credit card facility to be recognized worldwide was _______.

26. As per Banking, a Certificate of Deposit is

27. Which among the following is/are eligible to issue Commercial papers in India?

28. A provision in most loan and insurance contracts which allows payment to be received for a certain period of time after the actual due date and is known as _______.

29. Which of the following is the regulator of the Infrastructure Debt Fund set up as a trust?

30. It takes around _________ time depending on the drawee centre and collection arrangements to get outstation cheques cheques realised on a Collection basis.



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