Banking Awareness Quiz Set 19

Dear readers welcome to the Banking Awareness Quiz in We have provided the Questions And Answers with a detailed explanation. So practice these questions to gain a good score in all competitive exams.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 19

1. Reserve Bank of India uses __________ to control inflation in our country.

2. It is a contract where both parties agree to buy and sell a particular asset of specific quantity and at a predetermined price.

3. NIM stands for

4. ___________ illustrates the financial position of a bank at a given point of time.

5. ________ is used when describing the monthly charges on a mortgage.

6. The first Indian bank to get ISO was ___________.

7. Which bank introduced cheque system in India?

8. A person who lends money against a pledged article which he or she is free to sell if the loan is not repaid within interest within a stated period is _________.

9. It is a tax which is levied at the same rate at all income levels.

10. A bond giving the investor the option to convert the bond into equity at a fixed conversion price is ________.

11. Treasury bills are issued by _________.

12. Which of the following does not include Priority Sector Lending?

13. Which of the following appoints Banking ombudsman?

14. CORE stand for _________.

15. If you are taking a housing loan by depositing your house documents by mortgaging your house it is known as ________________.

16. Which of the following is not related to bill of exchange?

17. What is Multi city cheque?

18. Coins in India are minted at

19. One percent of shareholding in NABARD is by

20. NEFT is used for Electronic Transfer of Funds between two bank accounts. Which of the following is not mandatory for NEFT transaction?

21. The Chit funds are regulated by ___ in India.

22. Bank for International Settlements which provides the Banking supervision accords is located in ________.

23. Banks borrow funds from which of the following to meet the Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) requirements as mandated by the Central bank?

24. Which committee recommended the set up of Regional Rural Banks?

25. The apex Bank of the USA is

26. If a company which is not NBFC wants to collect public deposits it is governed by which Act

27. _________ is not an electronic Banking delivery medium?

28. Currency notes deposited in the currency chest belongs to ____.

29. Full form of STT is



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