Banking Awareness Quiz Set 20

In this page, candidates can find out the Questions and Answers with an explanation for Banking Awareness in the form of Quiz. So do study these questions which are helpful for the candidates for all competitive exams.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 20

1. Scheduled banks are listed on which schedule of the Reserve Bank of India Act 1934?

2. CRR must maintain on daily basis at what percent of NDTL?

3. In respect of bills purchased or discounted if the bill remain overdue for more than 90 days then it is called ___________

4. Loans in which initially the rate of interest is low as years go on they will increase the rate are known as ________

5. These are assets which cannot be seen, touch are measured physical.

6. What is the maximum and minimum limit of NEFT?

7. Which act applies to all loans up to Rs.1 lakh and above?

8. If financial assets are more than 50% of its total assets then that company is treated as _______

9. This money is borrowed or lent for period between 2 days and 14 days.

10. It offers buyers credit and lines of credit to foreign governments and banks.

11. The issuance of direction to housing finance institutions to ensure their growth on sound lines.

12. The rate of inflation increases when the purchasing power of money___________

13. The initial share capital for RBI was _________

14. Full form of QIB is

15. Insurance cover for bank deposits in India is provided by

16. The following is not a primary function of a bank

17. Full form of OLTAS

18. CRR and SLR are related to

19. NBFC deposits are _____ and not backed by security.

20. Which of the following is a financial ratio which gives an idea or a measure of a company’s ability to meet its financial losses.

21. When financial institutions and banks undertake activities related to banking like investment, issue of debit and credit card etc. it is called as _________

22. A bond that is sold at good discount as it has no coupon is

23. Security which one offers for taking an advance or loan from someone is known as _______.

24. A right of the creditors to retain possession of all goods given in security to him by the debtor for any outstanding debt is ________.

25. Where the name of the endorsee or transferee appears on the instrument while making endorsement.

26. A type of banking in which various types of financial services like accepting bills arising out of trade, arranging and providing underwriting, providing advice, information or
assistance on starting new business, acquisitions, mergers etc. are provided is called as

27. It focuses on providing for financial needs of industry and institutional clients.

28. The dilution or selling of the government stake in public sector undertakings is known as

29. Who imposes moratorium on operations of a bank if the affairs of the bank are not conducted as per banking norms.




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