Banking Awareness Quiz Set 22

Dear candidates in this page we have uploaded the Questions and Also answers for each and every question with a detailed explanation. So by practicing these questions aspirants can achieve good marks in all competitive examinations.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 22

1. ___, Nepal Rastra Bank ink MoU for supervisory information exchange

2. ____ to join UN’s Better Than Cash Alliance to achieve financial inclusion

3. Government of India Issues Norms for Selection of CEOs and MDs of Smaller PSU Banks

4. Union Cabinet allows 100 per cent FDI under automatic route for _____ label ATMs

5. ___ launches maiden unit linked insurance plan (ULIP)

6. ___ launches mobile wallet app ‘Buddy’

7. ____ appointed Kishor Piraji Kharat as its MD and CEO

8. RBI suspended licence of _____ non-banking finance companies (NBFCs)

9. Union Government appoints two private sector professionals to head BoB, Canara Bank

10. _____ unveils Indradhanush Mission for PSBs

11. In terms of Banking Terminology, Affinity Card refers to ______

12. From which country, the concept of Credit Card originated?

13. If a bank ties up with a retail vendor and then both of them sponsor a credit card, then such card would be known as_____

14. The business entity that is authorized to accept cards for the payment of goods and services is called?

15. Which is the first credit card facility to be recognised worldwide?

16. The international standard which defines the shape and size of the I-Cards is ______

17. With reference to the prepaid credit cards, which among the following is / are correct statements?
1. credit facility is offered for the purchaser of the card
2. no interest charged from the purchaser of the card
3. no purchasing fee and monthly fees charged before an arbitrary time period Select the correct option from the codes given below

18. What does the cirrus logo on ATM / debit cards signifies__?

19. The Secured credit cards are generally available to the person with _____

20. What is the time period during which no interest is charged on a credit card?

21. Union Government appoints Sriram Kalyanaraman as MD and CEO of ____

22. ____ nominates Jin Liqun for President of AIIB

23. _____ launches mobile wallet service ‘Speed Pay’

24. ____ to join China led AIIB

25. ____ nations, including India sign 60-article agreement on China-led AIIB

26. RBI extends deadline for exchanging pre- ____ currency notes till December 2015

27. ______ Bank launches 10-second paperless instant loan Scheme

28. RBI allows NRIs to subscribe ______

29. Mahendra Kumar Sharma appointed as non-executive Chairman of ____ Bank

30. Kotak Mahindra, ____ Bank ink MoU for cross-border business



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