Banking Awareness Quiz Set 23

Dear aspirants in this article we have equipped with a latest Questions and Answers for Banking Awareness for all competitive examinations. We have also added their explanation for each and every Question below. So do practice these questions daily.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 23

1. ____ to sell private banking business in India to Sanctum Wealth

2. ___ formed Financial Inclusion Fund with Rs. 2000 crore corpus

3. CSC and ___ forms joint venture to provide technology services, solutions to banks

4. ______ acquires RBS’ bullion financing business for Rs 4,100 crore

5. ____ gets banking licence from RBI

6. Anand Krishnamurthy appointed CEO and MD of ____ bank

7. ____ , Central Bank of Sri Lanka ink currency swap agreement

8. ____ bank starts its operations from Shanghai, China

9. _______ to provide Rs 30,000 crore credit to farmers for irrigation

10. _____ launches eSign Services

11. __________ to form Bank Board Bureau:

12. ______ launched the First Multi-Currency Contactless Card service in India

13. ______ allows Banks to tie up with insurers

14. ____ Bank launches ‘Saral-Rural Housing Loan’ Scheme for weaker sections

15. __________ launches Suraksha Bandhan drive in Mission Mode

16. RBI to issue Rs ____ coins to mark International Yoga Day

17. ___ allows banks to merge, shift or close branches in urban areas

18. Lok Sabha passes ____________ , 2015

19. ____ India plans to launch ‘green bonds’

20. _____ bank launches ‘Kotak Bharat’ mobile banking app for ‘un-banked’ regions

21. Original headquarters of RBI were located at ___?

22. What was the initial share capital of Reserve Bank of India?

23. In which year, Indian Rupee was devalued for the first time?

24. Nainital Bank is a subsidiary of which of the following banks?

25. What was the name of State Bank of India (SBI) before it was created by SBI Act?

26. What is the share of the Foreign Banks in the branch network in India?

27. The owners of the cooperative bank are also its ______

28. Which of the following bodies regulates the Regional Rural Banks?

29. In which country, the Unit Banking System originated?

30. Which country has largest shadow banking market in the world?



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