Banking Awareness Quiz Set 4

Dear Applicants, Here in this page you can find the Banking Awareness Quiz. This Quiz consists of Questions And Answers with a brief Explanation. Do study of these questions which are further useful for all competitive examinations.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 4

1. Poverty line is expressed in terms of an overall _______

2. Loans granted by a bank to an exporter popularly known as ‘Export credit’ is guaranteed, in case of default,by which of the following

3. The process by which the central bank of a country controls the supply of money in the economy by exercising its control over interest rates in order to maintain price stability
and achieve high economic growth is known as:

4. The ratio of deposits to loans of a bank is known as _______

5. Who amongst the following is the regulator in the financial system of the country?

6. Which of the following is the negotiable instrument?

7. In Bank’s balance sheet, which of the following is an asset?

8. In International Banking terms,”Appreciation” of Rupee means ________

9. A non-performing Asset in Banking Business means ________

10. Bank Holidays are covered by which of the following?

11. What is the full form of FCCB?

12. Which of the following institutions is responsible for the supervision of RRBs?

13. By which rate is the domestic current rate of currency converted into foreign currency?

14. What is the ceiling on the amount of Insured deposits kept by one person in different branches of a bank?

15. Which of the following works is/are done by Credit Information Companies?

16. The largest shareholder of a nationalized bank is_______

17. Which of the following comes under the category of Development Banks?

18. Which of the following was the first credit rating agency of India?

19. With which article of the Indian Constitution is Money Bill related?

20. CGTMSE stands for _______

21. Balance in a current account is classified as ________

22. Fiscal policy is concerned with which of the following?

23. In which of the following types of banking, there is a direct execution of transaction between a bank and its consumers?

24. The Foreign exchange of India is kept with _________

25. Maximum loan amount to individuals against security shares can be _____

26. In case of failed ATM transactions, if the amount is not credited to customer’s account within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint. Banks have to pay
compensation at the rate of Rs.________ per day.

27. Which of the following forms of securing a loan is the safest one?

28. Deposits under Foreign Currency Non-Resident(FCNR) scheme can be accepted for a minimum of _______

29. Which of the following is known as “Demat” account?

30. The Aadhaar-Enabled Payment Systems(AEPS) is a bank led model that facilitates banking facilities by allowing transactions at Point of Sale through the Business Correspondent
(BC) using the Aadhaar authentication number. Aadhaar enabled basic types of banking do not include



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