Banking Awareness Quiz Set 42

Dear aspirants who are searching for the Questions And Answers with an explanation for Banking Awareness. Here you can check the Questions and also can practice these for the preparation of all competitive exams.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 42

1. National Pension System (NPS) is a voluntary defined contribution pension system administered and regulated by?

2. What is the full form of POPs?

3. Which of the following is important part of National Pension System(NPS)?

4. In National Pension System(NPS), PRA Stands for?

5. Which of the following bank has been appointed by PFRDA as the Trustee Bank for National Pension System (NPS)?

6. In National Pension System(NPS) how much % of the corpus is taxable?

7. Which is an online platform provided by NPS Trust for enabling individuals to open his/her Individual Pension Account?

8. Which of the following has been appointed as a Custodian for providing custodial services to the NPS?

9. POPs shall provide the services under NPS through their network of branches called?

10. Which of the following is Annuity Service Provider?

11. NSDL Group comprises which of the following companies?

12. Which of the following is/are the benefit(s) of participation in a depository?

13. Which of the following facilities is/are offered by NSDL?

14. A depository interfaces with the investors through its agents called ______

15. The process of converting physical certificates to electronic form is known as?

16. By which of the following a demat account holder can prevent unexpected debits or credits, or both, creeping into the account?

17. How long does the dematerialisation process take?

18. Any trade settled through a clearing corporation is termed as?

19. Which of the following refers to the conversion of securities in demat form into physical certificates?

20. Any trade which is settled directly between two parties without the involvement of clearing corporation is termed as?

21. National Securities Depository Limited is an Indian central securities depository based in _______

22. Central Depository Services Limited  (CDSL), is the  second Indian central securities depository based  in?

23. CDSL is a well-established market infrastructure institution, promoted by?

24. Which of the following is the first electronic securities depository in India?

25. The initial capital of Central Depository Services Limited(CDSL) is ?

26. National Securities Depository Limited(NSDL) is promoted by?

27. Which of the following PSB holds share in NSDL?

28. BSE holds how many per cent stake in CDSL?

29. A depository can be compared to which of the following?

30. Which of the following is held by a depository?



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