Banking Awareness Quiz Set 47

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Banking Awareness Quiz Set 47

1. Helicopter money is a _______ carried out with the cooperation of the central bank.

2. _______ is the macroeconomic policy laid down by the central bank.

3. _______ is a facility which is now provided by banks so that their customers can do their banking transactions as per their convenience 24×7.

4. ________ is the use of government revenue collection (mainly taxes) and expenditure to influence the economy.

5. Which of the following service is provided by E-Lobby?

6. _______ are the rupee-denominated bonds which can be issued by the Indian entities to raise money from overseas markets.

7. ________ is a letter issued by bankwhich which guarantees seller’s payment on time and in correct amount up to the time the services will be delivered to the buyer.

8. The Bank Board Bureau is a (n) _______ body of the Union Government of India.

9. The Headquarters of Bank Board Bureau is ______

10. The Headquarters of National Housing Bank(NHB) is ______

11. _________ is a cheque written by the drawer(payer) for a date in the future.

12. When a cheque is not crossed, then it is known as an______.

13. Which of the following cannot be encashed at the cash counter of a bank but it can only be credited to the payee’s account?

14. A date entered on a cheque that is prior to the actual date of occurrence is known as ______

15. If a cheque is presented for payment after six months from the date of the cheque it is called ______

16. Which of the following is the largest network of shared Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) in India?

17. Which of the following is a banking research institute established in 1996 by Reserve Bank of India (RBI)?

18. _______ is payable to the person who presents it to the bank for encashment.

19. Which of the following is the headquarters of IDBRT?

20. _______ is a currency issued by a private entity, a commercial business or a nonprofit enterprise

21. __________ is a monetary system in which the standard economic unit of account is based on a fixed quantity of gold.

22. _______ is a system in which gold coins do not circulate, but the authorities agree to sell gold bullion on demand at a fixed price in exchange for the circulating currency.

23. Which of the following usually does not involve the circulation of gold coins?

24. In which of the following standard the monetary unit is associated with the value of circulating gold coins?

25. ________ is an intrinsically valueless object or record that is widely accepted as a means of payment.

26. Any type of money that has face value greater than its value as material substance is known as _______

27. Which of the following is any globally traded currency that serves as a reliable and stable store of value?

28. Which of the following is a form of money with an intrinsic value?

29. A currency with a value that fluctuates as a result of the country’s political or economic uncertainty is termed as _______

30. A strong currency widely used in international trade that a central bank is prepared to hold as part of its foreign exchange reserves is known as _______



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