Banking Awareness Quiz Set 48

Contenders who are preparing for competitive examinations in this article the latest Questions And Answers of Banking Awareness are available in the form of Quiz. Do study these Questions And Answers which are given with an accurate explanation.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 48

1. Which of the following is the recovery of small loans?

2. _______were established under the Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act (RDDBFI Act), 1993

3. Which of the following Risk develops from the business transactions done by the Banks exposed to potential Loss?

4. _______ specialized in resolution of stressed assets.

5. _______ is the most prominent for banks present in investment Banking.

6. ______ is the type of risk arises due to fluctuation in interest rate

7. _______ is the risk that a bank may suffer loss as a result of adverse exchange rate movement.

8. ________ is the potential that a bank borrower/counter party fails to meet obligations on agreed terms.

9. ______ arises where the capital comes under risk partially or the whole in some cases.

10. Which of the following arises due to failure of day to day activities, system or people?

11. ______ is a banking system in which banks provide a wide variety of financial services, including commercial and investment services.

12. ________ is a measure of the liquid money supply within an economy.

13. Which of the following is a fraud-investigating agency in India?

14. The concept of Universal Banking implemented in India after the recommendations of _______

15. __________ is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

16. Serious Fraud Investigation Office(SFIO) has _______ regional offices

17. The SFIO is involved in major fraud probes and is the co-ordinating agency with the ________

18. The Headquarters of SFIO is _________

19. The Government approved setting up of this organization on the basis of the recommendations made by the _______

20. Serious Fraud Investigation Office(SFIO) has _______ branches

21. How many digits are there in Magnetic Ink Character Recognition(MICR) code?

22. How many digits are there in Permanent Account Number(PAN)?

23. How many digits are there in Mobile Money Identification Number (MMID)?

24. How many digits are there in Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication(SWIFT) code?

25. How many digits are there in Indian Financial System Code?

26. _________ is a Mobile App developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), based on the Unified Payment Interface (UPI)

27. BHIM stands for ________

28. How many digits are there in Universal Account Number(UAN)?

29. NPCI launched ______ service, which works on Unstructured Supplementary Service Data(USSD) Channel.

30. If the ______ Aadhaar is listed as a payment ID on the BHIM app will not require any biometric authentication or prior registration with the bank or Unified Payment Interface.



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