Banking Awareness Quiz Set 49

Dear Candidates in this page you can test your Knowledge by preparing the given Questions And Answers of Banking Awareness below. By these Questions And Answers aspirants can get a high score in any competitive examinations.

Banking Awareness Quiz Set 49

1. _________ has been promulgated by the President of India to provide for cessation of liabilities on the Specified Banknotes and for connected/incidental matters and comes into effect from December 31, 2016.

2. After the expiry of grace period to change SBN notes, holding of not more than ______ notes in total, irrespective of denomination or not more than _______ notes for the purpose of study/ research/ numismatics is permitted.

3. The legal tender character of the bank notes in denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 issued by the Reserve Bank of India till November 8, 2016 stands withdrawn is known as ______

4. If any person shall knowingly or voluntarily hold, transfer or receive any specified banknotes then shall be punishable with fine which may extend up to ______

5. The SBN facility will remain open for residents from January 2, 2017 to ________

6. SBN facility will not be available for Indian citizens resident in _______

7. The SBN facility will remain open for NRIs from January 2, 2017 to ________

8. Residents/NRIs can exchange SBNs at _______ Reserve Bank offices.

9. The SBN facility is not available to _______

10. Effective _________, there will be no limits on cash withdrawals from Savings Bank accounts.

11. Which of the following bank is insured by the DICGC?

12. The DICGC insures principal and interest up to a maximum amount of ______

13. Which of the following is not insured by the DICGC?

14. Deposit insurance premium is borne entirely by the _______

15. If you have deposits with more than _______ bank, deposit insurance coverage limit is applied separately to the deposits in each bank

16. Which of the following account can be insured by DICGC?

17. Which of the following insured bank can withdraw from the DICGC coverage?

18. Which of the following account can not be insured by DICGC?

19. DICGC can not insure any amount, which has been specifically exempted by the corporation with the previous approval of ________

20. DICGC can not insure any amount due on account of any deposit received _______

21. Banking Ombudsman Scheme is introduced under _______ of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949 by RBI with effect from 1995.

22. Which of the following banks covered under the Banking Ombudsman Scheme, 2006?

23. The Banking Ombudsman may award compensation not exceeding ________ to the complainant only in the case of complaints relating to credit card operations for mental
agony and harassment.

24. What is the total number of banking ombudsman offices in India?

25. The Banking Ombudsman can reject a complaint If compensation sought from the Ombudsman is beyond ________

26. What is the cost involved in filing complaints with Banking Ombudsman?

27. The first Banking Ombudsman Scheme was revised in ________

28. The current Banking Ombudsman Scheme became operative from _______

29. The Banking Ombudsman Scheme was first introduced in India in ________

30. How many banking ombudsman offices are there in New Delhi?



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