Computer Awareness Quiz Set 1

To practice, the Questions And Answers in the form of Quiz for Computer awareness are available here. we have uploaded the Questions and Answers with a detailed explanation. So practice these Questions And Answers thoroughly.

Computer Awareness Quiz Set 1

1. Where would you find the letters QUERTY_______

2. What does a light pen contain_______

3. What would be the best way to move around a CD environment_______

4. What input device could tell you the price of_______

5. What are you most likely to use when playing_______

6. Where would you find a magnetic strip________

7. What do the abbreviations VAB stand for________

8. A daisy wheel is a type of_______

9. Hard copy is a term used to describe_________

10. Factory production lines can be automated using______

11. Which function calculates your monthly mortage payment________

12. In MS Access, a table can have________primary key /keys.

13. _______cells involves creating a single cell by combining two or more selected cells.

14. You can open the Sort dialog box by choosing Sort from the_______menu.

15. The most common subtotal used Subtotals command is the________function, which causes Excel to display a sum each time the corurol field change.

16. By default, Excel positions text in a cell_______

17. The horizontal and vertical lines on a worksheet are called________

18. Which types of charts can excel produce________

19. How are data organized in a spreadsheet________

20. To centre a paragraph using shortcut keys, press_______

21. What is the BEST ram solution for the Intel Pentium 4 Processor_________

22. How many pins on a standard DDR RAM Dimm_________

23. The operating system is also called the ______ between the user and the computer.

24. When installing a peripheral you also usually need to install a__________

25. Computer memory that temporarily stores information is called the________

26. What motherboard manufacturer is the most popular out of the following_________

27. Internet Safety relates to_________

28. A file name extension for Word 2007 files is_________

29. Computers use which of the following number systems to store information_________

30. Which Platforms) can a Pentium III Processor beused in__________



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