Computer Awareness Quiz Set 2

Dear contenders who are preparing for competitive examinations they can chek out the Questions And Answers with an explanation for Computer Awareness Quiz. These questions are helpful to qualify in the examination and keep practicing these Questions.

Computer Awareness Quiz Set 2

1. DOS floppy disk does not have ________

2. The ________ component is used by the data analyst to create queries that access the database.

3. Which of the following is a general-purpose programming language designed by Sun Microsystems and well suited for use on the web________

4. OLAP applications are widely used by ________ and it uses ________ scheme.

5. ________ are used to identify a user who returns to a website.

6. The altering of data so that it is not usable unless the changes are undone is ________

7. If you wanted to locate the hardware address of a local device, which protocol would you use_______

8. In Oracle, which is more appropriate to store a small list of values in a single column in each row in your address table________

9. Programs that automatically submit your search request to several search engines simultaneously are called ________

10. ODBC is based on ________

11. ________software creates a mirror image of the entire hard disk, including the operating system, applications, files, and data.

12. What refers to a set of characters of a particular design________

13. The term “host” with respect to the internet, means ________

14. In the OSI model, the actual transmission of data is handled in the_________layer.

15. When entering text within a document, the Enter key is normally pressed at the end of every________

16. When two or more computers are able to share information, what is this called_________

17. ________is used by public and private enterprises to publish and share financial information with each other and industry analysts across all computer platforms and the Internet.
A. Extensible Markup Language XML)

18. How can the user determine what programs are available on a computer________

19. An________language reflects the way people think mathematically.

20. Which PowerPoint view displays each slide of the presentation as a thumbnail and is useful for rearranging slides________

21. The process of a computer receiving information form a server on the Internet is known as_______

22. A directory within a directory is called________

23. Find the correct set of three types of data found in a spreadsheet_________

24. Which of the following refers to too much electricity and may cause a voltage surge_______

25. What is the term for how words will appear on a page________

26. Saving files in HTML format________

27. What is the flow of data between countries commonly called________

28. ________ is a windows utility program that locates and eliminates unncessary fragments and rearranges filed and unused disk space to optimize operations.

29. To edit the selected cell in ms excel_________

30. ________is a technique that is used to send more than one call over a single line.



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