Computer Awareness Quiz Set 26

Candidates can practice the given Questions And Answers below of Computer Awareness with a detailed Explanation. So Aspirants can follow this website for more current Affairs Quizzes. So study this set no. 26 thoroughly and is useful for all competitive examinations.

Computer Awareness Quiz Set 26

1. Proprietary Software is also known as ________

2. A coding language that is compatible with windows servers which is used for increased functionality on a website or to work with a database is known as _______

3. In the relational modes, cardinality is termed as _________

4. Which of the following memory chip is faster?

5. A set of flip flops integrated together is called ____

6. The technique that extends storage capacities of main memory beyond the actual size of the main memory is called _______

7. A mistake in an algorithm that causes incorrect results is called a ______

8. A product that is owned exclusively by a single company that can only function properly, if it is used with other products owned by the same company?

9. The terminal device that functions as a cash register, computer terminal, and OCR reader is the _____

10. A language reflects the way people think mathematically is known as _____

11. A reliability & flow control technique where the source sends one packet starts a timer and waits for an acknowledgment before sending a new packet is called _______

12. Mail from unwanted senders can be blocked by ______

13. A program that generally has more user-friendly interface than a DBMS is called a ______

14. A type of malicious software that is activated each time your system boots up. This malicious software difficult to detect because they are activated before your system’s &
Operating System has completely booted up is called _____

15. Modifying data for fun and profit is defined as _____

16. An attacker outside your network pretends to be a part of your network or legal terminal is called ______

17. Which of the following is possible with open architecture?

18. Which combines efficient implementation techniques that enable them to be used in an extremely large database?

19. Overwhelming or saturating resources on a target system to cause a reduction of availability to legitimate users is termed as _______

20. Internet-mediated attack accomplished by enlisting the services of many compromised systems to launch a denial of service (DoS) is termed as ______

21. ______ is used by public & private enterprises to publish and share financial information with each other and industry analysts across all computer platforms & the Internet.

22. A long message that needs to be transmitted is broken into smaller packets of fixed size for error free transmission is termed as ______

23. _____ is one reason for problems of data integrity.

24. Which of the following is an advantage of mounting an application on the web?

25. A list of rules for transferring data over a network is called ______

26. Which of the following domains is used for profit businesses?

27. A key that is used to alternate the input mode of a group of keys on a keyboard is known as _____

28. An intelligent Hub that has the ability to determine the destination of a packet sent across the network is called ______

29. Which of these is considered intelligent CASE tool?

30. Origin of internet can be tracked from _______



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