Computer Awareness Quiz Set 33

Contenders who are preparing for the competitive examinations they can see the Questions And Answers along with an explanation. So practice these Questions thoroughly.

Computer Awareness Quiz Set 33

1. ____________ is the science that attempts to produce machines that display the same type of intelligence that humans do.

2. The name for the way that computers manipulate data into information is called_____________

3. The unit KIPS is used to measure the speed of__________

4. The Java program file extension is__________

5. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called________

6. MDR (Memory Data Register) holds the_________

7. The transformation of a message into an encoded form is known as___________

8. Which is device that interconnect two or more network, enabling data transfer to be made between them________

9. Which of the following is directory controlled from a keyboard_________

10. IC are classified on the basis of__________

11. uperscript, subscript, outline, emboss, engrave are known as ________

12. Documents converted to________can be published to the Web.

13. What happens when we try to delete the fries on the floppy________

14. Accumulator is a ________

15. An educational institution would generally have the following in its domain name________

16. Which of the following can input graphical images and pictures for a computer_______

17. In Word you can force a page break________

18. The purpose of an application program is to_________

19. Which of the following printers generates character from a grid________

20. Holding the mouse button down while moving an object or text is known as _______

21. An IPO chart consists of __________ columns.

22. The _________is a special database that holds information about the computer’s user, installed programs and hardware devices.

23. A hacker contacts you my phone or email and attempts to acquire your password__________

24. A ________is a small program embedded inside of a GIF image.

25. Which AI system finds and identifies patterns; for instance; in the words you use_________

26. In the right setting a thief will steal your information by simply watching what you type_________

27. Algorithm and Flow chart help us to__________

28. Dot matrix and band printers are ________ printers.

29. The phrase _________describes viruses, worms, Trojan horse attack applets, and attack scripts.

30. The term overflow means__________



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