Computer Awareness Quiz Set 53

Candidates can get the Quiz of Questions And Answers for Computer Awareness in this set no. 53. We uploaded the Questions And Answers along with a brief explanation. Do practice these Questions thoroughly.

Computer Awareness Quiz Set 53

1. The internet service that provides a multimedia interface to available resources is called—————

2. In Excel……….allows users to bring together copies of work-books that other user have worked on independently.

3. What kind of memory is static and non – volatile?

4. Help Menu is available at which button?

5. Which operation you will perform if you need to move a block of text?

6. The electronic switches in the ENIAC were:

7. How much space in minimum must be provided between columns?

8. What would you use for immediate, real-time communication with a friend?

9. Which of the following is used to create newspaper style columns?

10. The Internet uses —————–

11. A plotter is———

12. Which of the following is a graphical package?

13. A floppy disk contains————

14. The ascending order of a data hierarchy is———–

15. When a computer prints a report, this output is called_____.

16. In computer terminology, information means———-

17. RAM is an example of volatile storage and serves as the computer’s———–

18. A ____________ is a unique identification number generated by a computer hardware component or a program.

19. To execute a given DOS program, you must type an) __________.

20. PC cards, flash memory cards, and smart cards are all examples of:

21. RAM is a type of

22. POS stands for

23. The CPU and the Memory are located on the

24. A Dumb Terminal is

25. The display size of a monitor is measured

26. The units used to measure the speed of a printer is

27. The Impact Printers are

28. USB stands for

29. Non-Volatile Storage device is

30. The machine cycle includes

31. Processor Speed is affected by

32. Which of the following is an audio input device?

33. Which of the following functions is not performed by servers?

34. Which of the following keyboard short-cut is used to center the paragraph?

35. Which of the following is not a web browser?

36. What is the option to go at the end of the page?

37. Full form of GIGO

38. What is the full form of BIOS ?

39. MS DOS is

40. What is the full form of ECS



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