Gujarat GK Quiz

Gujarat GK Quiz

Are you in search of Gujarat GK Quiz? Then candidates can take Gujarat GK Quiz through this page. In this article, we are providing the Gujarat General Knowledge Questions along with the Answers. So, all those people who are preparing for several Entrance exams can practice here with the help of the Gujarat General Knowledge Quiz. In this page, we are providing a Gujarat GK Quiz which provides some useful questions and give you good knowledge about Gujarat state. By referring this Gujarat GK Quiz it will be used to improve your skills.

Gujarat GK Quiz questions are given in this post which are related to the state of Gujarat. Gujarat GK Quiz consists of several factors such as education, religions, economic growth, and many. Also, Gujarat Quiz questions and answers are enclosed in our page which are very are very helpful to the candidates at the time of preparation.

1. Which sea is to the west of Gujarat?

2. In which year the Navnirman Andolan was started in Gujarat

3. What is the area of Gujarat?

4. When Gir Forest National Park and Gujarat Wildlife Sanctuary was established?

5. Which river flows through Surat?

6. Which of the following was the name of the first Sultan of Gujarat?

7. Gujarat formation day

8. Total number of districts in Gujarat

9. Total number of members in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly is

10. Which of the following states is in the north of Gujarat?

11. Which poet had been named as Rashtriya Shaayar by Mahatma Gandhi

12. Which one was the first capital of Gujarat Sultanate?

13. Gujarat State Flower

14. Which poet is popularly known as Kavi Kant

15. Gujarat is the largest producer of …………

16. Who had to build the su Temple of Modhera

17. Who had established the Sultanate of Gujarat

18. Surat city of Gujrat is situated on the left bank of ..... River

19. Who was the last Hindu ruler of Gujarat

20. Who was the first Gujarati laureates to win the Jnanpith Award

21. From the following ports list which port is not associated with Gujarat

22. When was the Gujrat State Established?

23. Which one is the first European power to arrive in Gujarat

24. Who was the first speaker of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly

25. Who is the present Governor of Gujarat state?


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