Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz

Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz

Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz with Questions and Answers are available in this article. Candidates those who are fascinated in learning about Himachal Pradesh can check this entire post. This article provides you the Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Quiz along with that candidates can practice the free online mock test themselves. This Himachal Pradesh GK Question and Answers help the contenders to face all the competitive exams more easily. Furthermore, this page not only posses the questions but also gives the Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz Answers. Aspirants who have done the quiz with full effort can have a bright idea about the Himachal Pradesh State. Through this Himachal Pradesh General Knowledge Questions and Answers, candidates can enhance their skills and get well prepared to face the written test.

Contenders can find out the complete info regarding the Himachal Pradesh State through this webpage. For more details aspirants can visit our web portal daily. We will give you the most accurate information regarding the Himachal Pradesh GK Quiz. To make your preparation easier we have included all questions and answers on a single page. So practice more to get a good result in all competitive exams.

1. When was Mandi town established?

2. Name of the State Tree of Himachal Pradesh

3. Pong Dam is in

4. Masroor Rock Cut Temple’, a unique monolithic structure is present in which district of Himachal Pradesh?

5. River Beas doesn't flow through the district

6. Tirthan Sanctuary is located

7. What is the state bird of Himachal Pradesh

8. The book ‘Prachin Himachal’ is written by

9. Himachal Pradesh was transformed from a union territory to a state in which year?

10. Who is the Current Governor of Himachal Pradesh (HP)?

11. In which year Himachal Pradesh HP became a Union Territory State

12. How long was the tenure of Yashwant Singh Parmar

13. In 1951, HP became a part 'C' state under a Governer. At that time what was the number of MLAs in the Legislative Assembly?

14. In which month is ‘Sri Festival’ celebrated

15. Who was the first Speaker of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly?

16. First chief minister of Himachal Pradesh HP?

17. At which place in Una District, Pir Nigaha fair is celebrated

18. Moti Mahal located at

19. Whose painting is “Kangra Bride”?

20. Who is the founder of Jubbel?

21. How many villages are there in Kangra?

22. Which of the following is a tributary of Beas river

23. Which was the ancient name of Kanga?

24. Which district have largest Post Offices in Himachal Pradesh?

25. Who founded the Guler state


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