Indian Railways GK Quiz

Indian Railways GK Quiz

Candidates can find out the Indian Railways GK Quiz Questions and Answers from the below of this post. We have included the complete detailed information regarding the Indian Railways GK Quiz. There is a huge competition for all Competitive exams like RRB, Civils etc. So, for the sake of contenders we have given this quiz to tackle that competition in an easy manner.

In this page, we have furnished the Indian Railways Questions and Answers with a Multiple Choice Questions. So we suggest the aspirants practice more to get a good score in all competitive exams. Furthermore, info follow our website for more updates of other GK Quizzes.

1. Who of the following is known for having designed the first railway timetables?

2. How much money was invested in the construction of Victoria terminus?

3. Which state has the longest route kilometers of railway line in India?

4. Headquarters of which one among the following Railway Zones in India is situated at the highest elevation from the mean sea level?

5. Which of the following stations has all the three guages viz. broad, meter and narrow?

6. First Indian train was started?

7. Which of the following is the eastern-most division of the Indian Railways?

8. What was the result of the consideration of fixing the width of the gauge?

9. Fairy Queen, the world's oldest steam locomotive in regular operation, plies between New Delhi and

10. In which year, the first Air-conditioned coach was started?

11. Shatabdi Express trains were introduced in 1989 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of which of the following personalities?

12. In which year Indian Railway board established?

13. When was the first train in Indian started?

14. When did the earning of railway decrease due to market depression?

15. Which year is declared as “Year of Rail Users” by the Indian Railways?

16. What was the total duration of distance covered by first Railway engine?

17. When did the manufacturing of steam engine close?

18. In which year Research, Design, and the Standard organization was established in India?

19. Which company made the first engine in India?

20. How many members were in Railway Board?

21. When was diesel engine started in America?

22. Vikalp Scheme was introduced from?

23. What is Mission Raftaar of IRCTC?

24. At which of the following places Diesel Component Works is established?

25. Where is the Research, Design and Standard Organisation situated?



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