Insurance Awareness Quiz Set 11

In this Page, Questions and answers with a detailed explanation are given. For the session of practice for the candidates who are preparing for the competitive exams will help them to get a good score in the exam.

Insurance Awareness Quiz Set 11

1. When a contract ceases to be enforceable at law, then it is called as

2. Which type of risks is not insurable?

3. GIVE stands for _______________

4. Gratuity is paid when an employee

5. Which of the following is the only Reinsurer Company in India?

6. A professional dealing with the assessment and management of risk for insurance policies is known as

7. In which year, the General Insurance Business Nationalization Act was passed in India ?

8. In 2016, First IPO launched by which insurance company?

9. Government holds ____________% stake in LIC.

10. An Insurance company has been in business for how many years to launch IPO ?

11. A demand made by the insured, or the insured’s beneficiary, for payment of the benefits is known as

12. In 1818, India’s first insurance company Oriental Life Insurance Company has established in which city?

13. In which year, the Indian Life Assurance Companies Act came into force ?

14. Which insurance company is the first general insurance company in India?

15. The first ULIP was launched  by which of the following ?

16. What is ULIP?

17. ______________ is an extension of endowment plans

18. A risk or damage covered by an insurance policy is called as ______________

19. The maturity age of a whole life policy is ____________

20. Which committee is associated with insurance sector?



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