Insurance Awareness Quiz Set 12

Dear Candidates who are looking for the Insurance Awareness Questions and Answers in the form of Quiz, they can check here in this page. We have provided the Questions and Answers with a brief Explanation. So Do practice these questions and are useful for all competitive exams.

Insurance Awareness Quiz Set 12

1. Which type of insurance can covers two or more items or location ?

2. CMO Stands for

3. Who will sells both casualty insurance and life insurance ?

4. In IBNR, R represent which term?

5. The Insurance Act has __________sections and ______ schedules.

6. A reinsurance company providing services to another by insuring the activities of another reinsurance company is known as

7. The insurance act was borrowed from which country?

8. Section 39 of Insurance Act related with which of the following?

9. _____________ is a legal right reserved by most insurance carriers.

10. Life Insurance Companies cannot reject insurance claim after how many years?

11. _____________ is the sum paid on the policy’s maturity date

12. What is the FDI limit of Insurance Sector?

13. _____________ is the only public sector company in the field of life insurance in India

14. ULIP is a product offered by

15. Which of the following organization provides export credit insurance support to Indian exporters?

16. The minimum paid up capital for any insurance business- Life or General is

17. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) was constituted in

18. Which bank become the first bank to set up a wholly-owned non-life insurance company?

19. The free-look period is of how many days?

20. The temporary assignment of the monetary value of a life insurance policy is known as



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