Insurance Awareness Quiz Set 13

Aspirants who are preparing for the competitive examinations they can check out all Questions and answers with an explanation here. These Questions are for the session of practice and then these are helpful for all competitive examinations and are also useful for Interviews also.

Insurance Awareness Quiz Set 13

1. The headquarters of General Insurers Public Sector Association of India (GIPSA)  is situated in

2. Which of the following is true?

3. ________________ is some amount of money will paid before insurance will pay 100% for an individual’s health-care expenses.

4. __________________ is /are the monopoly of General Insurance Company

5. Which of the following require IRDA licence to start its functioning in India ?

6. Which  is the provision of insurance  products by a bank. ?

7. Which insurance company has formed a specialist subsidiary Agricultural Insurance Corporation (AIC)?

8. Which of the following is the biggest non-life insurer in the entire Afro-Asia region?

9. IFRS stands for

10. Which type of insurance policy provides additional coverage to easily movable property?

11. ________ is the sole reinsurance company in the Indian Insurance market with over four decades of experience.

12. The headquarters of United India Insurance Ltd is located in _______

13. The headquarters of LIC is located in _______

14. The headquarters of National Insurance Company Ltd (NIC) is located in _______

15. The headquarters of New India Assurance is located in _______

16. Which government body regulates Insurance Industry?

17. The headquarters of Oriental Insurance Company is located in _______

18. The headquarters of Agriculture Insurance Company is located in _______

19. The headquarters of IRDAI is located in _______

20. The headquarters of Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India is located in _______



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