International – Current Affairs Quiz

International – Current Affairs Quiz

1. Uk and this country signs MoU to increase the efficiency of the urban transport system.

2. Which country will host the 2017 Arctic Energy Summit (AES)?

3. Which of the following country is going to sell high-tech chemical protective clothing to India?

4. Which country will host first-ever One Belt One Road (OBOR) Summit?

5. Which country emerged as one of the top ODA (Official Development Assistance) donors to Nepal?

6. Which country planned to invest Rs 10,000-crore Deep Sea Mission?

7. Which country has been elected as the President of UN-Habitat?

8. Which flight had its maiden fly recently in china?

9. According to the Dubai Tourism reports which country's people are the most visitors of Dubai?

10. The host country of 26th session of the Governing Council (GC) of UN-Habitat-2017 is

11. Which bill does USA president Donald trump replace?

12. Which country going to introduce its own Encyclopaedia by 2018?

13. Which two countries have strongly condemned the "use of double standards" in combating terrorism and agreed to strengthen cooperation in effectively dealing with the menace
both bilaterally and at multilateral fora?

14. Which three countries signed an agreement to set up "de-confliction zones" in Syria?

15. Which country conducted first glide test of its first amphibious aircraft AG600, stated to be the largest in the world?

16. Which of the following country banned the mining of metals recently?

17. Which country appointed Hana Khatib as first female judge in its Muslim Sharia Court system?

18. Which country has become the first country to open an honorary consulate office in Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City)?

19. The International Road federation (IRF) announced this country will host the 18th World Road Meeting?

20. Which country prohibited parents from choosing baby names like Islam, Medina, Jihad and Quran for their children?

21. 15 UAE's first solar-powered gas station opens in _______.

22. Which two countries recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding to restore the diplomatic ties after a hiatus of 37 years?

23. Which country has become the world's largest importer of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), according to Petroleum Planning & Analysis cell?

24. Pakistan has leased the Gwadar Port to a company belonging to this country for 40 years.

25. Which countries were elected to the Committee for Programme and Coordination (CPC), a subsidiary body of the UN Economic and Social Council (EOSOC)?

26. Which is the world's largest military spender, as per the report of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)?

27. Which country to host 15th edition of International Musculoskeletal Congress (IMC)-2017?

28. By divesting it's 9.2% stake in NALCO, the Union Government has raised

29. India contributed this much amount to the Election Commission Division of the UN recently.

30. With this country India signed a MoU to cooperate in the field of defence shipbuilding.

31. The first India-Indonesia Energy Forum was held in?

32. Which country is going to launch its first cargo spacecraft into space?

33. Which country will host the 2017 BRICS Film Festival?

34. Parliament of this country in April 2017 decided to transfer the control of royal agencies from the government to the new King Maha Vajiralongkorn.

35. Which country to host 2017 BRICS Film Festival?

36. Which country to host the first-ever World Ocean Festival (WOF)?

37. Which country abolished its 457 Visa program which is used largely by Indians?

38. Bidya Devi Bhandari, who is on a State visit to India, is the President of

39. The joint military exercise Sagarmatha Friendship-2017 has commenced between

40. Which Indian environmental engineer won the 2017 Cartier Women's Initiative Award?

41. Which country hosted the first-ever G20 Digital Ministerial Meeting on Digital Economy?

42. Which country won the 5th edition of Asian School Hockey Championship-2017?

43. Which countries held their first-ever joint military exercise Sagarmatha Friendship-2017?

44. Recently released Indian Dhow was hijacked off the coast of which country's island?

45. As per the Amnesty International, it is in this country, most executions took place in 2016.

46. Name the country that vetoed the UN draft resolution demanding the Syrian government cooperate with an investigation of a suspected chemical attack.

47. It is in this country, the G20 organized a meeting of Ministers on Digital Economy recently.

48. It is with this country, India signed an agreement for the development of sports.

49. Which of the following countries will hold their first-ever joint military exercise "Sagarmatha Friendship-2017"?

50. Name the two countries that will hold a joint military exercise named 'Sagarmatha Friendship-2017' in mid April 2017.

51. It is with this country India agreed to resolve border dispute recently.

52. The United States recently dropped largest non-nuclear bomb ever an Islamic State tunnel complex in eastern Afghanistan. The bomb is called as

53. The Coptic Christians were in news recently. They belong to which of the following countries?

54. Which country's honorary citizenship has been received by Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai?

55. Which country's team has won the 5th edition of Asian School Hockey Championship-2017?

56. Which of the following countries topped the 2017 edition of the Travel and Tourism Competitive Index, which was released recently by the World Economic Forum?

57. Which country has executed most people in 2016, as per Amnesty International Global Report 'Death Sentences & Executions 2016'?

58. The G-7 Foreign Ministers meeting has started in which country?

59. King Maha Vajiralongkorn in April 2017 signed a military-backed Constitution for his country into a law. He is the King of this country.

60. Which country became the world's first country to allow legalized production, sale and consumption of marijuana?

61. Which country will become the world's first country to allow legalized production, sale and consumption of marijuana?

62. Which of the following countries recently officially recognized bitcoin as legal money?

63. Youngest Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai has been invited to address the parliament of which country?

64. Recent bomb blast in a train carriage in the underground metro system was a targeted terror attack at which country?

65. Union Cabinet in April 2017 approved the agreement on Audio Visual Co-Production with this country

66. Which country will become the world's first country to neutralise gender pay gap?

67. Which country has successfully test-fired a home developed ballistic missile that can hit any part of North Korea?

68. The Union Cabinet in April 2017 approved the agreement for fairway development of Ashuganj-Zakiganj stretch of Kushiyara River with this country.

69. Which country has become the first NATO member to launch self-contained cyber command unit?

70. Which country became the new member of South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) program?

71. Which country has officially recognized Bitcoin and digital currencies as legal money?

72. The South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) Finance Ministers meeting has strated in which country?

73. Which country has become the new member of South Asia Sub-regional Economic Cooperation (SASEC) program?

74. Which of the following countries recently gave final legislative approval to a bill that permits the medicinal use of marijuana?

75. Japan will provide how much Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan for infrastructure projects in India for FY 17?




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