Jharkhand GK Quiz

Jharkhand GK Quiz

Candidates those who are in search of Jharkhand GK Quiz Questions and Answers can refer this page. In this post, aspirants can get the complete detailed information regarding the Jharkhand GK Quiz. This Jharkhand General Knowledge Quiz consists of several types of questions such as State Bird of Jharkhand, Total number of districts etc. So aspirants need to prepare well by using this Jharkhand GK Quiz thoroughly.

Aspirants can check out the complete data related to the Jharkhand General Knowledge Questions And Answers in the below of this article. So aspirants can find out the Jharkhand Quiz along with the questions and answers. We suggest the competitors prepare well and get a good result in all competitive exams. In this article, candidates can practice this quiz with a free of cost. For more details aspirants can visit our web portal Gktodayquiz.com daily.

1. Total Number of District in Jharkhand?

2. Which oil seed is produced in maximum quantity at Palamu?

3. Torai Dam is situated in

4. In which part of Jharkhand is the minimum temperature of winter found?

5. Which is the Jharkhand state Animal?

6. What is literacy Rate of Jharkhand

7. Who is the Current Chief Minister of Jharkhand?

8. In which of the following have Santhal tribal people supremacy?

9. Which is the Jharkhand state Flower?

10. The Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary is located at?

11. In which city of Jharkhand has the uranium processing factory been started?

12. Important waterfalls along with districts are given in the list, select the wrong one

13. When did the tribal revolution of Chhota Nagpur take place?

14. Which one is the state bird of Jharkhand

15. Where is the 'Indian Institute of Mines' situated?

16. What is the name of the festival of flowers of the Adivasis in Jharkhand

17. Which festival of Munda is called 'Sorhul'?

18. The Hundru Falls is created by the

19. Bihar is located on the ——— side of Jharkhand

20. Which one is the sub-capital of Jharkhand

21. The Bokaro Steel Plant was established in the year

22. Where has the Small Scale Research Institute been established?

23. What is the main basis of the economy of Jharkhand?

24. Which of the following groups of festivals are celebrated among the tribes?

25. Which of the following mineral is not produced in Jharkhand?


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