Kerala GK Quiz

Kerala GK Quiz

Take the Kerala GK Quiz from this page. In this article, we have insisted the important information of the state and its tradition, culture. And also we have given Kerala GK Quiz which is coupled with the information as well as the Kerala GK Questions and Answers. Moreover, candidates are in search of many books and sites to grab the complete information regarding the Kerala General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers.

Therefore, it leads to the more time taken. So to help the aspirants our post will offer you the Kerala Online Mock Test which includes the quiz that consists of the Kerala Questions and you just need to answer those questions for further improvement of your skills and knowledge. Candidates can check out and practice these Questions and Answers to get a good score in all competitive exams. So keep on browsing our web portal for more updated information.

1. What is HDI Rank of Kerala
2. Which of the following is the smallest river of Kerala?
3. Chavara deposit in Kerala is famous for___?
4. Which district of Kerala has the largest area under forest cover?
5. What is the total coastal length of Kerala?
6. Which pilgrim centre of Kerala is known as 'Dwarka of South'?
7. What is an official language of Kerala state?
8. Who announced American Model constitution for Travancore?
9. The Kerala High Court was established in the year
10. Where is the wind farm power project in Kerala located?
11. The district where the National Institute of Technology is situated
12. Which of the following state is north of Kerala?
13. The Battle of Colachel was fought in the year ______
14. Total Number of Lok Sabha seats in Kerala?
15. The Act of Irrigation and Water Management was passed in Kerala?
16. What is Capital of Kerala state?
17. Which state is to the east of Kerala?
18. In which district of Kerala Vembanand lake is situated?
19. The State of Kerala came into existence?
20. The name of a largest district in terms of population is?
21. What is the state flower of Kerala?
22. Who is also known as "Kerala Vyasan"
23. In which district of Kerala is Puttingal temple
24. The Battle of Colachel was fought between Kingdom of Travancore and __________
25. Which of the following is the smallest river of Kerala?


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