Madhya Pradesh GK Quiz

Madhya Pradesh GK Quiz

Contenders who are in deep search for more information about Madhya Pradesh GK Quiz, they all can check this Madhya Pradesh GK Questions and answers article. So, move on to further important details about the Madhya Pradesh quiz, we have included complete info regarding the Madhya Pradesh GK quiz questions and answers for the better understanding of the questions. We suggest the aspirants get hurry and practice these questions and answers with a relevant information.

In this page, we have also provided you Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge Questions which are very useful for various competitive exams and many other exams. So, candidates should have a look on to our Madhya Pradesh GK questions given below. For more detailed information visit our website regularly. The GK questions and answers of Madhya Pradesh quiz are as follows

1. Which of the following award from Madhya Pradesh is not related to sports?

2. Who was the first Governor of Madhya Pradesh?

3. The famous ‘Kalidas Samman’ from Madhya Pradesh Government is not given in which of the following fields?

4. Who among the following received Sahitya Academy award in 1955 for his/her work ‘Him Taringini’?

5. Sailana Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in which district of Madhya Pradesh?

6. Vishwamitra Award’ of Madhya Pradesh is given for which of the following?

7. Tropic of cancer passes from how many districts of Madhya Pradesh?

8. How was Madhya Pradesh formerly known?

9. Makhanlal Chaturvedi samaroh’ is held in which city of Madhya Pradesh?

10. First fossil national park in Madhya Pradesh is situated in which district?

11. The Sanchi Stupa was build by the Emperor

12. Which sports is regarded as state sports of Madhya Pradesh?

13. Which one is the largest national park in Madhya Pradesh

14. What is the sum of Money given as prize in ‘Kalidas Samman’ from MP government?

15. Which gas caused the Bhopal gas tragedy incident

16. Pilgrim town Amarkantak is in which of the following district

17. When was Chhattisgarh separated from Madhya Pradesh?

18. What is the length of Narmada River flowing in Madhya Pradesh?

19. Raja Bhoj was belongs to which dynasty

20. Which one is the largest city by areawise in Madhya Pradesh

21. Which is the longest State Highway of Madhya Pradesh?

22. Who of the following prime ministers of India was born in Madhya Pradesh?

23. The Chachai Falls is created by the river

24. 'AHIRAI’ is the traditional folk dance is for which tribe of Madhya Pradesh?

25. The Lakshmi Bai National Institute of Physical Education’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?


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