Maharashtra GK Quiz

Maharashtra GK Quiz

Candidates can find out Maharashtra GK Quiz Questions and Answers in this post. As we all know many of them don’t know about Maharashtra State. So, we suggest the aspirants follow this post and have brief details of the Maharashtra GK Quiz. In this page, we have included the Maharashtra GK Online Test, that is completely related to the concept of the state. Meanwhile, aspirants can also learn more about their religion, language, and many more. The below page contains Maharashtra Online Test for the practice session and it is more useful for your future.

This Maharashtra GK Quiz helps in learning the basic study and the importance. In this section, we have uploaded the overview of the state Maharashtra. Candidates those who are worried about Maharashtra GK Quiz, then this article will help you very easily. Aspirants can visit this page and also practice the below given Maharashtra GK Quiz to get a good score in the competitive exams. We recommend the aspirants bookmark our web portal for more details regarding the Maharashtra GK Quiz Questions And Answers. Keep on visiting our website daily.

1. What is the ambit of Shravan Bal Seva Rajya Nivruttivetan Yojana of Maharashtra?

2. Which fort is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

3. Which among the following served as Monsoon Capital of Bombay Presidency during the British Era?

4. At which among the following places, there is no bench of Bombay High court?

5. Which of the following Dance form is Popular in Maharashtra state?

6. In which year, Elephanta Caves designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

7. In which among the following years was the institution of Lokayukta established in Maharashtra?

8. Who was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra

9. Which is the largest district in Maharashtra in terms of area?

10. The Dhampur lake is situated in which of the following districts of the Maharashtra State?

11. In which year, Bombay city has been officially renamed as Mumbai

12. Which of the following region has an unparallel work in the making of fine jewellery in Maharashtra state?

13. Which of the following is the state animal of the Maharashtra State?

14. Which city is the Second capital of Maharashtra?

15. Who was Maharashtra’s governor in 1992?

16. Number of districts in Maharashtra is

17. Which one is recognized as state tree in Maharashtra

18. Which of the following river is not associated with Maharashtra?

19. The extreme Southern district of Maharashtra is which one of the following?

20. Which city is famous as Orange city?

21. First family Planning Movement started in Maharashtra by …………

22. The rivers of Maharashtra can be divided into how many groups as given below?

23. Which of the following soils of Maharashtra are devoid of calcium carbonate and have an acidic reaction?

24. Who was Maharashtra’s home minister on 26 November 2008?

25. The Nagpur city is also known as the —– city of India


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