Manipur GK Quiz

Manipur GK Quiz

Contenders who want to Practice Manipur GK Quiz, then you are in the right position. In this page, we have uploaded the Manipur GK Quiz Questions and Answers. Manipur General knowledge Quiz questions are provided for all the aspirants to know about Manipur state. We have also included relevant information related to Manipur. Manipur GK Quiz gives you immense knowledge about the state. Moreover, along with these questions in the Manipur Quiz we are also providing answers to each question.

Aspirants can check out our Manipur General Knowledge Quiz questions and answers which helps you in several ways. The Manipur General Knowledge Quiz questions provide detailed knowledge which helps you to face all competitive exams. Manipur is one of the state in India. So, practice this quiz thoroughly. Therefore Manipur GK Quiz provides everything related to the Manipur. In this page, we have enclosed some important details about Manipur General Knowledge Quiz.

1. Which is the capital of Manipur?

2. Which one is the largest district by area wise in Manipur

3. In which year the Bombay High Court was established

4. Marathi Language Day is Celebrated on

5. Who was the fourth Governor of Manipur?

6. Where did Thibaw, last king of Burma, live in Maharashtra?

7. Who is the Governor of Manipur?

8. Which state is to the South of Manipur?

9. When was the established Manipur university?

10. Approximately how many forest are there in Maharashtra

11. Who was Maharashtra’s home minister on 26 November 2008?

12. The Nagpur city is also known as the —– city of India

13. Which is the smallest district in Manipur in the area?

14. Which country is to the east of Manipur?

15. In which year, National Games was held in Manipur

16. Who was the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire

17. First family Planning Movement started in Maharashtra by …………

18. Which King signed the Treaty of Accession for merging Manipur into India

19. Who is known as the spiritual guru of Shivaji?

20. Which game was introduced by Manipur to the Europeans

21. Which one is the classical dance of Manipur

22. Which lake is the source of Manipur River?

23. Which state is to the north of Manipur?

24. Who is the Current CM (Chief Minister) of Manipur?

25. Who was the commander of 1944 war in Manipur


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