Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 1

Dear aspirants who are preparing for the competitive examinations they can check out the Questions And Answers with an accurate explanation of Marketing Awareness in the form of Quiz.

Marketing Awareness Quiz Set 1

1. Mutual Fund business from existing customers can be canvassed through

2. The meaning of “Conversion” in sales is

3. A Safe Deposit Locker can be canvassed among

4. “Value Added Services” implies

5. “Benchmark? means ______

6. The sales process begins with

7. Optimum Results in marketing are possible through

8. Financial Planning is required when

9. A “Call? in Marketing language means _______

10. Home loans are granted to ___

11. In the context of globalisation BPO means—-

12. For an economic organisation, MIS stands for—–

13. SWOT Analysis refers to——-

14. The best advertisement is—–

15. The advantages of telephone-interview are—

16. According to product life cycle theory, the profit is maximum in—-

17. Consumer information sources are—-

18. In banks ROA means—–

19. The abbreviation ISP stands for—-

20. Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB) means—-

21. Market information means

22. Market Segmentation means

23. Digital Marketing is a way of

24. Sales forecasting involves study of

25. DSA stands for

26. Market Research is needed for

27. Market Segmentation helps in

28. Marketing is termed as successful, when

29. Market share means

30. Direct Marketing means

31. The ultimate aim of Marketing is to provide

32. Marketing Strategy means

33. Digital marketing is similar to

34. _________is the process of evaluating each segment’s attractiveness and selecting one or more segments

35. A “Target Group? means



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